Each vendor is responsible for making change for customers; SOL will not have change available.


  • Sistahs on Lit is not responsible for your individual moneyboxes or cash registers.
  • Stay alert. Follow the same “common sense” procedures that you observe inside your store, or at other large

scale events; for example, do not have purses/hand bags visible, etc.

Open for Business!

  • Sistahs on Lit book festival is held on Sunday April 29th at Silver Spring Civic Center (Indoor/Outdoor) rain or shine hours of operation are Sunday, 10am to 3pm

There are no rain dates Refund policy: Absolutely no cancellation refunds allowed after 3/19/2018

Exhibitors need to be open for the ENTIRE Fair.


Setup will commence at 9:15 a.m. You will receive email confirmation assigning your

closest loading area based on your space location.

Vehicle Access

  • BRING DOLLIES! Absolutely NO vehicles are permitted on the grounds during the Book Festival’s setup

period. In the interest of public safety, we cannot make exceptions.

  • Vehicles may not return to the event for breakdown until the Sistahs on Lit Book Festival authorizes the reopening of the streets for exhibitors (approximately 2.45pm but this could be later depending upon the public’s exit of event grounds).


  • The Book Festival has adopted a 80/20 policy; that is, books or items related to the written word must

comprise 80% of our exhibits; sidelines such as clothing, jewelry, art, etc. may not comprise more than

20 percent.

  • You must stay in your assigned space, and sell or distribute only those items explicitly mentioned in your


  • The Sistahs on Lit book Festival reserves the right to eject any merchandise, literature, give-aways, decorations or other

items/materials deemed unsafe or not in the best interest of the event, at any time.

  • You may not engage in illegal activity of any kind.
  • Refunds are not given for any reason.
  • Spaces are nontransferable and cannot be resold. We reserve the right to move your space at any time during

the event if needed.

  • A general note: traffic not related to the Book Festival is prohibited on the grounds during setup.


  • It is logistically impossible for an exhibitor to breakdown early.
  • Exhibitors: please use patience during the breakdown period. We know you eager to dismantle, but the safety of our Fairgoers gets first priority.
  • We will have policed security; however, the SOL recommends that you take valuable or irreplaceable items/inventory with you. Also plan on covering your merchandise with tarps, placing books on top of tables, and

taking other general precautions for the weather and security.

All trash, display items, leftover giveaways, decorations, etc, must be taken with you or placed in recycling/trash bin when you leave. If the Book Festival needs to clean your space at breakdown, you will be charged a base fee of $50 on future registrations.



Your paid registration to the SOLBook festival  INCLUDES:
*Admission to all festival activities
*Admission to Q&A sessions
*One six foot table w/two chairs (unless its a publisher’s table comes with tent 2 extra chairs & table) *self-published or published authors tent must fill out forms by April 15 add’tl fee applies
*Permission to sell your published books
*Free listing on SOL D.C. Book Festival website and Sistahs On Lit Facebook page & a blog column


· $150 vendor’s fee!!
Payments excepted Visa-MasterCard-Discover-American Express
*Pay safely and securely through PayPal at services@sistahsonlit.com w/processing fee applies
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Deadline April 1, 2018